So, I'll try and keep this short and to the point; I had to temporarily stop using my Digitech RP7 Valve due to a problem, so I was playing straight to my amp, and noticed I could finally get the tone I was looking for (haven't played without that pedal for a while). So when I got it fixed i tried messing around with it to see if i could somehow keep the tone and the effects, i couldn't find it, i tried comparing the tones, checking with the pedal then without a few times, it sounded kinda bland and computerized (not sure if you know what i mean) with it, sounded a little bit like a slight amount of audio clipping through the pedal (distortion and clean on both, and i disabled amp distortion when i was using the pedal distortion, and yes i set the pedal to eliminate audio clipping as much as the pedal could) so i tried the pedal on bypass mode to see how it sounded and still the same as was previously mentioned, so i'd like to know if there's a way i can keep the tone without losing the effects? and if i can't, what other pedals are there with a decent sound at a decent price that have a whammy effect?

btw, i'm considering going for individual pedals but that's a bit too pricey for me right now.

also, ive heard from almost everyone that ever owned one, and said they changed the tube in it, and was supposedly better sounding, would this help?

any help or suggestion are appreciated.

(so much for keeping this short and to the point lol)
Well, if you any knowledge of electronics (meaning you actually know what the schematic means), you could open it up and check the wiring schematic to see what's not right. You might wanna check the tube while you're at it. Or pay someone else to do that for you. If you can get the tube put in (either by you or someone else) for cheaper than it'd cost to get a new one, you might as well do it.
See if you can run it with the four cable method, or you could disable amp modeling on the pedal.
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Already checked the wiring, it all looked good, the tube i don't know as i don't know what to look for when it comes to the tube. the four cable method seems to me like it would fix it, but i'm unable to do such, as 1) the amp has only one input and 2) the pedal only has on input. the tube i will probably change personally if i can find a good one, any you would recommend or they all about the same, i'm really a noob when it comes to tubes, and would this fix the problems i mentioned if there was something wrong with it?