so ive just got a new amp, first on my gear change list, its a mesa boogie express 5:50 2x12. great great amp. love it

anyways, i was almost dead set on a PRS custom 22 SE, until i used an Epiphone LP standard 1959 to test my new amp at the store, and loved the tone and sound, but not so much the feel of the guitar over the PRS.

now my question, if i love the action and feel to the PRS, but the tones of the LP, what to get?

i play mostly rock with a bit of blues and stuff, so needs to be good for cleans and overdrive etc.

I have the custom 22 SE and its so much better than the epiphone. I had to change the pickups to make it what i wanted, but its an amazing guitar for the price.
the LP sounds so much more vintage, seems to have more sustain and just overall better tone to my ear. more balls i guess.

but the PRS feels better to play on, the action is better, neck allows me to play faster. its really a tone vs feel dilemma .

don't get me wrong, the LP still felt good, and the PRS still sounded good, but after playing both i wished i could have the LP tones from the PRS, or have the PRS feel in the LP if that makes any sense.
I'd go for the prs if you like how it plays.
You can always change the pickups.
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wow, those are umm, fairly cheap. hahaha. cheers mate. look into those if i go the prs route.
John- not sure, but i got the "Crunchy Rails" in my PRS, meant to be 16.2 and 10.4, they get to around 14 and 9 when i tested them. sound amazing though.
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How do those guys market a 15K pickup as vintage?

any idea what they use for the windings?

He said he has a Mesa 5:50 in the OP
im looking to spend NZ$1500. not sure on American value, but gear over here is more exp as its not as bountiful.

the LP standard 1959 is $1500 if that gives you an idea.

and yes as per original post ive just gotten a Mesa express 5:50 which slightly ate into my axe budget.