Is there anyway to put drum beats on Audacity without recording on an actual drum set? I know there is drum machines online you can download, but how would I put it on Audacity? I wanna demo some songs put it sounds empty without drums.
It can be. And don't save it as a mp3 if you're going to be mixing it down a second time with guitar on it. Save it as a .wav to retain as much of the original signal as you can until you mix it down for a CD or myspace.
Get Drum Track. It's a decent little program, and it's absolutely free. I used it on all of my recordings with drums. Arrange the beats how you want them for your song, and export as WAV, then go to Audacity and click project, Import Audio, and find your drum file.

Acoustica Beatcraft only has a limited free trial, after that you've got to buy it if you want to use it.

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