Love Song
Stop Being So Cool And Get Silly
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Hey! It was irritating me that there are no chords out there for this song, although it sounds so simple. Im a bit of a novice so I got my smartass boyfriend to help me figure out "love song". I havent got all the ins and outs of it yet, so may post an update when i have the time to figure it out but heres the basis to the song:

A C G (as barre chords)

This is a love song....... to the rubble we've been building

F ---------------------C--------------------G----------------------D
But I'm praying for something more, lying down on the kitchen floor......

It does complicate a little, but if you listen to the song for timing and muting etc it should be pretty easy to play along to. Enjoy!
Now.......anybody wanna return the favour and figure out Stop Being So Cool...please??
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yo, i just tabbed it out. it should be up in a couple days. hope its good. i will also have a youtube cover hopefully if i dont suck asshole.
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dude, i'm still waiting!

yeah, idk if it was working. i uploaded it here but it never registered ill do it again if i still have the file.