This time im split between the

Vypyr 75

and the


Well i need another amp besides my tiny frontman that is good for practicing and kinda small gigs

Im wondering which would suit me better

I play a couple genres Little Bit of metal little bit of blues and classic rock

Theres a couple thing i like about both the vypyr has pooploads of things to play with espescially with the sanpera but i know thats the same with the gdec but im concerned how loud this 15 watt can get vs the 75
Hmm, neither. Try a Roland Cube. They rock my socks.
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Holy crap, check this out!
Quote by seemeel
Hmm, neither. Try a Roland Cube. They rock my socks.
I agree, man. I got a Cube 60. Damn thing's built like a tank. Hell, even the guitar tech at the local MusicGoRound was impressed with the thing. They're prolly cheaper than your Vypyr too.
Hmm nice find blue strat im gonna look into those

And yeah the Vypyr and the Gdec are both 300 so the cube is actually 100 more lol