I just replaced my Gibson sg special's 490T with a 498T and I noticed that the 498T sounds a bit quiet compared to the 490R. I dont think it should be like that... I checked my flying V just to make sure and the pickup volumes were around the same, the bridge actually seemed a bit louder which makes sense because its more powerful. So, is there a way to resolve the problem with the 498T or is it faulty? I thought I read somewhere that the leads may need to be reversed (red and black wires).
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Yeah, that was my first thought. I havent given it a shot yet I just figured it wouldnt do a whole lot. It sounds great compared to the 490T I was just a little worried that it was quiet.
something i've noticed on my ltd though is that the neck pickup is a little louder than the bridge. i like it that way though.

i had a thought since i posted last. if you like the sound of the new pickup where it is, maybe even lower the other one instead? match the old pickup's volume to the new one.
Alright I lowered the 490R and raised the 498T, it sounds a bit closer. I tested it on the clean channel and turned the bass eq to 0 just to see if it was because the 498T doesnt make much bass noise. I think that may be the case. It seemed pretty close in volume with that at 0. I guess it picks up a lot of high/mid. The 490R must just eat bass for dinner, lol.