Honestly, anywhere within the Queens/Nassau(New Hyde Prk/Herricks) County area will work. We are currently three members of a METAL band;

Guitarist -18
Drummer -16
Bassist - 15
Vocalist - 17

As far thing are concerned, our vocalist has quite a busy schedule and admitted that he has plans on leaving. The band is currently in an embryo stage, so we aren't really ready to play live yet. Not because we lack skill, because we don't, but because we are still writing down original songs and practicing. We need a 2nd guitarist mostly so we can have a bigger sound to accompany solos, while also playing harmonic stuff. We are pretty versitile, and will play songs from anywhere within the metal genre, though we are more in favor of some old skool mainstream stuff since they are easier to play(Nirvana, RATM, Metallica, etc.). We love Progressive Metal, including Dream Theater. We also like a few modern bands, like A7X. We also like Neo-Classical stuff and some Japanese VG songs. Each of us aspire to master our instrument, and we hope that whoever is joining shares the same passion. We aren't too serious yet, because we are still young, but eventually, we will have to get serious. Our first priority is a 2nd guitarist;

- can play rhythm, like Zacky V., but lead skills are also encouraged.
- has some idea of music theory
- can play acoustic chords as well as fast metal gallops
- has at least a 15 watt amp(for band practice)
- Male(sorry ladies)
- High school age
- Can play the master of puppets riff
- Maybe a Trivium song
- We play E Standard

As for the vocalist;

- An actual good singing voice(no choking/pig squeal shit)(post-grunge?)
- Some dynamic range(Halford?)
- Can scream(optional)
- Male(sorry ladies)
- High school age

That is pretty much it. Since school will be starting this fall, it may be somewhat difficult to arrange meetings,but we will find a way. If you feel that you meet the qualifications, please reply to nahyan007@yahoo.com. While you are at it, to seal the deal/increase your chances, you can post an audition video on youtube to join. Thanks.

PS; we are all Desi and barely cut 5'6". No we are not freaking FOBs, we speak English perfectly and are more fitted within the American culture. We just wanted to let you know that. If you are subconsciously racist towards south-asians, or have relatives that are, don't bother.
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Sorry dude. But when a girl starts an all-girl band, it is progressive, but when it is just a bunch of guys, it sexist? Sorry, but we just wanted to be frank so that it won't be awkward. If you want something that is really messed up; no handicapped people. We play in the basement, meaning: stairs.