I've been practicing, and trying to get better at singing. I think I can carry a tune pretty well, but there's obviously tons of room for improvement.

This is a song I just wrote today.
Lyrics are in the description.

So any advice, tips or anything to help me get better are appreciated.

It's not bad. I've certainly heard stacks worse. I think with some practice you could be fairly good.
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Holy crap, check this out!
Well, definitely decent. You do need some practice, but with that...you'd prolly have a good voice, TS. Keep on practicing.
It's not bad. I've heard worse. Here's a few things you can work on.

- Add more power to your voice. It's just lacking power and presence.
- Try some breathing exercises everyday to improve your volume and stamina.
- Also try some exercises focusing solely on pitch. An easy way to do that is to play a note on your guitar and match that pitch with your voice.

Like I said, keep at it, you're certainly half way there. You WILL get better over time.
thats what im talkin about...

ya know..i see alot of people asking and giving advice on technique and etc. and what do i WHAT DO I DO??? (not saying this is bad) learning is important but the most important thing is left out

most importantly...you gotta feel the music (what is music without feeling?) and you my friend your feeling the music. good work
Thanks a lot folks! I'm going to continue practicing! I'll do simple scales on my guitar and follow along with my voice to get some pitch practice in. I'll google any breathing excersizes as well.

Thanks a ton for the feedback. I'll probably put up a few more covers or original as I progress.
I forgot to add a little tid-bit. If you want to play some covers to better your vocal presence/power, learn some Stone Sour and Slipknot. You don't have to like it, but Corey Taylor has some of the most powerful vocals I've ever heard.