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I use a Yamaha Audiogram 6 interface for my recordings, but I cant do more than one track at a time, even though there`s 4 inputs. Are there any other USB models that can do 6-8 tracks at a time, or do I have to buy a computer with Firewire?

I believe the Yamaha Audiogram 6 only sends out either a Stereo mix or two mono tracks at one time. Most of these mixer type interface USB units don't send out every input to it's own track.

Read up on the manuals for most of the commonly used USB interfaces. I think the M-Audio Fast Track Ultra will keep all 4 front panel inputs on their own tracks.

Overall though, most of the interfaces that do this are firewire based....and if you have a desktop you can spend $40 and plug in a Firewire PCI card....laptops are harder to do that on nor will you have much luck reading/writing all of those tracks at once with such a slow hard drive.

Line6 makes a USB 8 input interface, but I highly suggest either a firewire connected M-Audio ProFire 2626 or a PreSonus Firestudio Project.
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Yeah, I have the Yamaha too. If you utilize the left and right inputs correctly you can actually record 2 separate tracks at the same time. Still a bummer though. It will be the same way with pretty much any other USB mixer, but if you get an actual interface, such as a Tascam US-1641 then you'll be able to do what you're looking to do.
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