Your Feel Good Song

You got your feel good song on the radio
Got your speakers louder than a rock show
I don't know what it is but I feel good

Don't make life harder than it has to be
Leave your worries at home when you roll with me
Cuz baby were in first and don't it feel good

Now we're flying higher than we've ever flown
That's the greatest trip that I've ever known
We're like James brown now that we're feeling good

Marley said that everything's gonna be alright
We'll party Monday just like it's Friday night.
And you sleep well when you feel this good

And I'm doing swell when you feel that good

This is obviously an upbeat song with lots of cliches. I guess you could technically say this is my first pop song *gasps* It's acoustic with a bit of a Hawaiian feel to it or some caribbean influence.
very nice. We all have times where we write 'pop songs'. I think its pretty good. Nothing bad really pops out. good job!
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Wow, really...I'd report ya if I wasn't in such a good mood. Read the rules of this forum buddy.

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Personally i really like this piece, its got a nice reggae feeling to it and its just happy overall reminds me of bob marley or sublime. Keep it up man!
Sorry Caboose, lol. Not the greatest reply on my part.

Upon recording it I find more and more it feels like Jimmy buffet and never realized it. But I did write the song with reggae in mind.

Thanks Clutch!
it was good enough considering the genre! although i think verse3(or watever you want to call it:p) can use 1 more line since it looks empty! sry dont much to crit about. oh yeah i laughed my head off on yrs and caboose's comment, i know it wasnt exactly imp to mention it but wat the heck i did it anyway