as some of you may recall, i had decided to pull of my acrylic overlays that i've worn for years. since removing them left my nails thin, i knew it was only a matter of time till they started breaking. with that in mind, i bought a few different kinds of fingerpicks, and 2 kinds i had to order because no one had my size in stock. i have tried 2 kinds of pro piks and those tortoise shell pattern plastic dunlops, but for me they all had issues.

well, yesterday my alaska and fred kelly freedom picks arrived - luckily since my index fingernail broke. i tried the alaskas first, but couldn't get them to work on my index finger because there was no fingernail to put them under, and the curve of the alaska was much tighter than my middle fingernail, and hurt my nail bed by forcing the nail inward. i was able to push one on without trying to put it under a nail, and as long as i played softly it worked, but if i forgot myself and started to play any harder, it would start to come off right away.

so i tried the fred kelly's. you wear them over your finger, and it's sort of hot. because of the length of the nail on my finger, it dug in at the base of the nail bed, which was just a little painful, but you know what? it worked when i pushed it down low enough. it took me about 10 seconds to be able to play just like i wasn't wearing a pick on my index finger at all, which is funny because everyone at agf said it would take weeks or months to learn to play with fingerpicks. after a song or two, it would start to come off, so i'd push it back down and play some more.

so i'm able to keep playing as if my index fingernail was intact, and i'm one happy camper.

btw, it's probably worth mentioning that i got 2 each of the alaskas and the fred kelly's, and all in large. in both brands, the picks aren't exactly the same size - i guess the molding isn't all that accurate, so if you try one that's too tight or too loose, you might want to try a couple others in the same size to see if they fit better before moving onto another size.
what kinda sound do you get with the alaska piks? i wanna try them, i purchased the shell pattern dunlop picks also but I don't find them to be very comfortable to wear/use.
Good review!

I wasn't aware that you had to have nails already for the alaskas. I was about to order them. I'm just getting into fingerpicking. I can't have long nails. I play sports and can't stand my nails being long. Also typing on the keyboard for a living, I hate if my nails are the tiniest bit long.

Maybe I'll try out the kellys

Shouldn't your fingers get tougher after some time wearing the fingerpicks?

Kinda like developing calluses on your fretting fingers?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Incidently, I was watching Steve Earle on Austin City Limits last night and noticed that he was wearing fingerpicks.
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i haven't a clue, but it was cutting - not rubbing - into the bottom of my nailbed. my solution is to wear a bandaid under it, and that does seem to work.