Just tried Reaper today and i have to say it's a huge improvement from audacity. Latency is gone, quality is slightly better (dunno why). But yea haven't done much recording lately so i hope you guys enjoy it. I do indeed comment for comment.

I played the rhythm and lead guitar.
I used my Line 6 Tonepod GX for this recording.
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Reaper >>> Audacity. Pretty much anything >>> Audacity

This was absolutely amazing. You got me headbanging right from the start! I like me some Satch, which helps of course anyway, this cover was pretty spot on! Absolutely brilliant tone, on both the rhythm guitar (although it could use a bit more punch in some spots, when there's no lead) and the lead. The playing is fantastic, I wouldn't be able to do that in a hundred years. Very, very well done! This cover is the best I've heard today!

Crit mine? It's not quite the same genre:

Cheers dude!