Okay, so I'm quite new to guitar pedals and I'm looking for my first ones...

My Gear:

Guitar ----> ibanez RG370DX ---> changed pickups to DiMarzio Evolutions (Neck and Bridge position) probably wasn't a good idea changing for my style, but I like the Tones I can produce.
Amplifier ----> Peavey envoy 110 40w
Strings ---> Ernie Ball Super Slinky Nickel Wound .009 - .042 (always buys these) ---> very comfortable with this gauge and don't want to change due to any possible changes in the neck position and and tension and other crap like that (I'm a bit fussy)
Bridge ---> Edge III Tremolo ---> probably a factor as well, always good to add in I guess =P

And yes I know my gear is quite average, which is probably a factor for making a decision.

I've played around with a range of BOSS pedals, and I wasn't really impressed with the overall sound IMO

The Pedals I want (I think the obvious ones):
Metal distortion
Noise Gate
Noise Compression

These are all I want now and will probably invest in others in the near future

The stuff I play:
Heavy Metal, Metalcore (sometimes), Power Metal, Hard Rock, Thrash... some bands include Metallica (obviously), Parkway Drive, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Machine Head, Trivium (not much), Motorhead and Slayer (a little bit)

I know this is a big ask but your help would of course be much Appreciated =D and my price range is between $100 - $500... also if this helps I'm more rhythm moving into lead
I would suggest a multi-effects pedal. They combine distortion, delay, reverb, chorus, and a ton of other stuff that isn't necessarily effects such as loopers and noise gates.

line 6 and boss make some pretty good ones. i've heard that the line 6 xt live ($400 new) is pretty nice.
I'd honestly suggest a new amp that's better suited to providing the tones you want.
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