guys i need songs that are like as hard as master of puppets including its solos because i can do the fast solo in master of puppets and i want new songs to learn just as hard as that or you can suggest me songs that will take me to the next level tnx in advance
...do you listen to music? Why not learn something that you both enjoy listening to, and that challenges you?

I mean... it could just be me, since I see these threads pop up increasingly often, but I don't see any point in asking for songs to learn when you likely began playing guitar in the first place because of the music you listen to, and aspiring goals to play similar things. I would think that the musician you hope to become and grow into should be influenced and guided by what YOU love and enjoy, not by what UG forum users suggest you spend your time on.

I apologize if I seem harsh or blatant, but I'm being completely honest here. It could be that I'm one of the few who think this way, and in that case, just ignore me and continue on your way.
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I agree with fixationdarkness.

Okay then. Kirk's a chump. Play some DT. Get some Yngwie going. Paul Gilbert.

Or, you could learn something that isn't just shredding. Like Page, Gilmour, Hendrix, May... guitarists who gained their audience from playing with emotion, rather than super speed.
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Holy crap, check this out!
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he said as hard as master of puppets, he didnt ask for an example of a guitarist haveing a seizure while stomping on a whammy pedal
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