Hi everyone! I am a gigging musician. I play at church and school alot. I recently have switcher to using acoustic guitars live, because I mainly play using clean sounds anyways. I was wondering if I can use pedals made for electric guitars with my acoustic/electric guitar? Or are there pedals out there made specifically for acoustics? Also, would you have a recommendation? I'm looking for a delay pedal. My budget is about 300 I'd say, no more. I have to save up . Thanks to everyone in advance for the help!
yes, you can use all your pedals, although I wouldn't try the boost/distortion/OD types.
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reverb or a LIGHT delay usually sounds alright. other stuff isn't really necessary. if you're plugging straight into the sound board then what you really want is a good direct box.
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1. Guitar, delay, verb, amp, and creativity.
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3. A bottle of water.
I use pedals all the time. I'm a supply Music Minister, I used to play for school assembly stuff every week before I graduated, and I play my own music live as well. I use stomp boxes for everything. Even Distortion/Overdrives.

Right now I run a Boss Tu-2 tuner pedal=>Washburn Overdrive=>Fulltone Full-Drive 2 Mosfet Overdrive=>Digitech Hardwire DL-8 Delay and Looper=>L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic DI. The L.R. Baggs is my direct box. It has EQ and other fun stuff on it.

Now everyone in here has said don't use overdrives or distortion with you acoustic. I've heard it used tastefully and not so tastefully. I use my Washburn overdrive with a lot of gain so it sounds pretty much like what you would get with a distortion pedal on an electric. The Fulltone I use as a clean boost and maybe with a bit of overdrive. I use the clean boost when I'm jamming with other acoustic players on stage and need a quick volume boost for solos or finger-style stuff. The trick is to use it tastefully. Check out Monte Montgomery on YouTube. He does a lot of crazy stuff with distortion. Also check out John Butler Trio for some crazy overdrive sounds.

I recommend you start with a nice direct box, a tuner, and maybe a reverb or delay. I love my L.R. Baggs PADI. It's only like $160ish too. Radial also makes a good DI from what I hear. The Boss TU-2 or TU-3 is a nice tuner pedal for maybe around $70-$100. Some people like the Korg Pitch Black tuner, but I have never used it. As for reverb, the Boss RV-5 is nice and so is the Line 6 Verbzilla. For delays I recommend a digital delay. Analog delays sound kind of muddy with acoustics. You might want to look into a delay with a looper built in. It's a nice addition. Just go on YouTube and search a pedal and listen to demos of it. It'll give you a rough idea of what it will sound like.

I gigged for probably a year and a half with just my DI and tuner though, and it really worked well for me. Just experiment for what works best for you. Distortions and overdrives do work with acoustics. You just may have to fight with feedback sometimes...

This is where I got my inspiration for Acoustic effects (more specifically distortion). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYPCYboEpmk
Skip to around 4:25 on to see him use distortion, looping, and a wah pedal.

Sorry for the wall of text . If you have more questions just ask! Good Luck!
For acoustic guitars, a little bit of chorus and reverb/delay can be quite nice. They're probably the most used pedals for acoustics.
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Is there a volume pedal that can work with a acoustic guitar and an electric guitar?
Most amps have built in reverb. So using reverb is pretty much a given. If the amp or board doesn't have reverb, then that should be your 1st purchase.

After that, chorus is the next step. Berhinger makes inexpensive pedals that sound really darned good for the money .

Here's their chorus: http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/CO600.aspx

and at M'sF: http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/CO600.aspx

About $25.00.

Chorus you can leave in pretty much all the time. In fact, certain series of Ibanez acoustics, have a chorus built into the onboard preamp.

Delay is a bit more specialized, and its utility varies with the length of delay selected. Short delays sound like you're playing in a small to medium church, but long delay are either a bold face special effect, or can give you a sound like you're yodeling between mountain peaks. So, generally, they're not for every song.

The chorus though, hell I usually even kick that in all the time, even with a 12 string.