I'm thinking of purchasing my first amplifier, and i want it to be a good one.

I have till recently played on my friend's amps, which were pretty damn bad to say the least. But since my guitar is a pacifica, i could not complain.

All that is about to change though, cause i've decided to purchase a nice lil tube amp for myself. The options are as mentioned in the thread title.

I'm unsure if having the reverb option on the amp is a good thing or not. Many have told me that it's a digital reverb and that you're better off buying a stompbox instead.

Please advise. The pros and cons, if any. I'll be making my purchase in couple of weeks, so that is ample time for me to decide which one is a better bet.

Ah yes, i play mostly blues, blues-rock.

Stompbox reverb is digital anyway.

Ive not tried the cubs, but they do look sweet. The 12 and 12r are only like a tenner apart in price. If you like reverb you may as well go for it. The reverb is footswitchable as well.

Otherwise consider the laney im selling.
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Those are both nice amps and considering the price difference is pretty small... pfft. Why not get the one with reverb? If you don't like it, switch it off.

Becky's VC30 is a bit better than the Cub and also a blues/rock amp mainly. If you don't mind buying used, consider it. Otherwise the Cub is fine.
just get the one with reverb. the difference is only like 10 pounds or so.
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One last thing i am worried about is having no option for headphones for night use. Is there any way around it, some way i can use the headphones on these beautiful lil amps?
Not really, unless you get an attenuator/load box, but thatll probably cost more than the amp.

Theres a <1 watt jack on there, so im guessing you can get the thing pretty quiet.