In your opinion which is better and why. I heard that the MT-2 is so widely used but has a tone that only beginners use. But the SM-7 has a noise gate. I just need to know whoch one is better for a dimebag sort of tone and with great distortion

Ouch. Not a terrific amp (no offence). Dimebag tone is pretty scooped and sterile IMO and he used solid state Randall warheads for most of his career. Honestly you may be able to get a passable tone from a practise solid state like a Roland Cube or Maybe a Peavey Vypyr but if you have a bit of money i'd recommend a Bugera 6260 combo and an EQ pedal
Lol, yeah I know about the amp. But I don't need an amp now just a good distortion and I'm between those two. Ihave tried them out both but I want to see what people think. And I didn't mean exactly Dimebag's tone just close to it
My settings are like
Well in my objective opinion you could probably get a reasonable Dimebag grit with an MT-2, in fact it's probably the only tone it's really good for, but i'm sure to get flamed for this

I just wouldn't feel right telling someone to buy an MT-2 though, it's like punching a baby in the face
Well thanks anyway helped me decide, but I'm going to try the SM-7 again and I'll decide.
BTW later I want to get the 6550+ but I need a lot of money so right now I just need a pedal.
+1 to Vypyr/Roland Cube.
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Got Djent?
Metal muff perhaps?
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I have those two dirt boxes and the Metal zone is far better. It's all in how you use the eq. It's analog not digital and used in front of a decent amp with a clean channel , it gets the job done well . Sounds best on the clean channel of a tube amp.You can also run it turned off, in front of the overdrive channel on your tube amp and it will add some dist . You can also just use the level and eq with no dist as a boost, and you can have it modded.