I'm getting an EMG 81 installed in the bridge of my Godin Freeway, I never use the switch really and it always stays in the lead position, so the person at the shop recommend I just get a single 81 installed in the bridge and never mind about the neck pickup. Am I really not to getting to notice a difference as If I were to get, say, an 85 in the neck aswell? Keeping in mind I never touch the switch.

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Why do you want a neck pickup if you never use your neck pickup?
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i wouldnt have thought you'd notice a difference, although there really is no point in spending that kinda money if you arent going to use it man

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I'm not sure you're understanding my question...

Does the neck pick-up not get used at all if I always have the switch at the lead position?
No it doesnt.

Lead - Bridge

Middle - Bridge and Neck

Rythym - Neck

( guessing thats how your toggle is labled... )

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