Hi again! Don't worry for anyone who answered my previous thread, I haven't changed my mind to an electro acoustic! In fact, it's actually my Sister who is interested in one. She has been playing for approximately 2 years, perhaps more, and has decided she wants an electro acoustic. When I say budget, I am talking around the £100 mark, and I know this isn't a lot, and I will probably try to advise her to save for a while longer, but I was wondering is there is actually anything half decent that can be had around that price range? Thanks for any help you can give us.
seriously to get any sort of quality in both tone and build you need to start at about £350, keep saving
I think we both know that, it's just she's only 14 so doesn't really get any huge opportunities to get large amounts of cash. I think the max she could spend is around the £150 mark, possibly nearing towards £200. Any suggestions for the £100, £150 and £200 mark?
my suggestion, is to advise her to buy a quality Acoustic and to add a sound hole mic to the guitar at a later date. in the US i would suggest, alvarez, or yamaha.

if she sticks with an acoustic, she can get a better quality guitar and still be able to use it, until she saves a little more money for the mic.

additionally if she plays out at a pub, or for a band jam, she can still place a mic in front of the guitar to amplify anyway.

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for £140 there's one of those epiphone player packs. epiphone PR-4E, a crappy little 15W practise amp and a few other things. I got it because i had **** all in the way of money, It's nothing special but its about as good as your gona get at that price.