I'm planning on selling my '94 Epiphone Les Paul Standard because it never gets played on as I have a '07 US Strat that I always use. I'm planning on selling it and using the money to buy a Mexican Fender P-Bass, but I can't really afford to pay any extra on top. My Epi LP cost me £400 3 years ago, and it's in really good condition apart from the fact that I installed some strap locks onto it and accidently wrecked the wood inside the screw holes in the body so I had to glue them in.

I'm just wondering whether to expect to get more, less or around the same amount of money for my LP compared to what I paid for it before I get my hopes up and start taking it to a few shops to try to sell.

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Check and see what the average closing price for a used one is on UK eBay. That's generally a good indicator.
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What are they selling for new today ? Thats how much you won´t get for it.