I know this may be a bit irrelevant to "Guitar Gear" but was wondering whether you guys could help me out on this.

I have this Classenti P1 Stage Piano and whenever I use the AUX Out or Headphone Outputs in to my PA system or Fender Deluxe Amp I get this loud annoying humming noise. I can still hear the piano clearly but the buzzing noise interferes with the sound.
Does anyone know what the cause of this may be?

Thanks a lot!!!
Radio Shack electronics cleaner maybe? Spray some in the jacks (unplug it first of course) and let it sit a few minutes and turn it on. Might help, has for me in the past in a similar situation. Best advice I got for you, sorry.
You spray it on the plug and then work it in and out of the socket. Try a different cable and/or adapter. It is possible that you have a ground loop too. Try plugging both devices into the same power outlet.
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