My JCM600 combo breaking up on the clean channel with the channel on 5 and the master on 5. This seems wayyy to soon. What can I do to get more headroom? Thanks.
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Maybe some different preamp tubes that don't break up as early?
Don't know much about tubes so maybe someone will come and back me up on that?

Or it could be that you are using high output humbuckers in your guitar?

turn the volume on your guitar down?maybe your pups are too hot
i dont think headroom is something you can just add to an amp
maybe your tubes are biased too hot or something
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They're stock epiphone les paul pickups... not really hot. Any tube suggestions?
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12au7 tubes have a lower gain factor than 12ax7, resulting in a bit more headroom. I put a 12au7 in the phase inverter of my 18 watter and it gave me quite a bit more headroom.
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Preamp on 5 and Master on 5? With a 50W?

Why the **** would that be clean? It starts distorting the power section at 3.5
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Bubbs is right. IIRC, when I looked into the 600, they were pretty renowned for an early breakup.
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