Hey guys,

I play a show in 4 hours for a pop punk band...I went out drinking last night and now ihave very little energy. Whats a quick way to boost my energy levels so im stoked when the time comes?
Eat different kinds of insects, seems to work for Bear Grylls.
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Do some excersice before, get an energy drink, start fighting(not for real) with friends before the show to get adrenaline pumping.
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Don't do stuff you know will mess with your performance anytime before playing a show?

5 hour energy. play fight with your friends. excercise a bit.
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Dont drink any 5 hour energies. i drank 5 before a show and couldn't control my hands.
Hide Yourself Away doesn't sound like a pop/punk band to me.
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You've got 4 hours. Eat something with starch and protein.

this is the smartest person here
Jerk off from now untill the show to get your arms ready



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Don't get plastered to the point that you can't play/function well at a gig the night before a show.

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well heres how things work...if you know you have a show coming up don't stay out all night unless you plan to sleep and rest up the next day.

Go to a gas station and get a monster energy drink BFC down like two of those things and you will have plenty of energy!
Get through the first song, and then just let the adrenaline kick in.
get some sleep, and then fire down some of that monster with the coffee in it and be a jackass in pop punk fashion before you go on to get yourself moving.
if playing a show doesnt get you excited enough dont bother playing
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No matter how exausted ive been, just playing a gig gives me so much energy!
Poster above got it right, if your relying on energy drinks and fighting to get pumped for playing a gig, whats the point if the actual gig in itself does nothing to excite you?

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Get some sleep. Those energy drinks won't work nearly as well as resting.
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Eat, dude. Carbs. Go to an Italian restaurant and have some pasta, and don't go easy on the bread. Drink a lot of water. A couple hours before the show, have however much caffeine you usually have, and piss a lot because that water will have made it through your system and you don't want to have an exploding bladder onstage.


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