Okay, I am really interested in creating some fantasy/celestial/hypnotic music (not stoner music). This is definately a weird question which will probably be very hard to answer but I am just curious if anyone knows anything about it. Are there any Scales or Tunings that will have a fantasy style to it? I like the tone of DADGAD, it has a somewhat hypnotic sound to it. (hence my username)

But anyway, Thanks!
Just try writing using various modes, I find that Lydian and Mixolydian and Dorian provide some nice "fantasy" type sounds, perhaps even Phrygian if you're going for a darker sound. Instrumentation has a big effect too, so I'd go for acoustic guitars, perhaps 12 strings and harps too. Try an Open Chord type tuning, DADGAD for example is an open Dsus4, but you could try many others too, perhaps an open C or open G could be nice.
Lydian mode kinda gives an interesting sounds..i tend to think more space with that scale though.

I often use seventh chords and sus chords when I want a kind of whimsical fantasy sound.

A song I like that reminds me of stuff along the lines you are thinking is the song padmasana (or is it padmasaña?) by bucket head.

Not sure if it is what you are looking for but it is a very nice song.
Firstly, no tuning or chord or scale will make ANYTHING sound even remotely "fantasy". It's more about instrumentation than anything else (including effects, and layers).

Secondly, based on your description, I would recommend getting into ambient music and learn to compose that. Once you have bend and shape that to your will.

For example, my most recent song "Defining a Heavenly Body" I've been told has a very "ethereal" and "haunting" sound to it, but it only uses 6 chords in the whole song (I think... not counting extensions and inversion or alterations). It is what you make it.