I have a Gibson Les Paul. I need to know more info about it. Included are 5 pictures use the link to see them. Please tell me what you know about this guitar.. Well everything dealing with Gibson serial numbers is mixed up. Its a 2 part body style i believe. Thank you


Serial number: 006375

PICS ON LINKLink to pics of guitar
it looks like a 2007 LP Classic plain top. can't tell if it's supposed to be tobacco or honey burst from the pics.

when did you buy it and more importantly where?
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It's a Les Paul Classic made in 2000 with serial number 6375.

Quote by Gibson

Les Paul Classic: This model features an ink stamped serial number with no "MADE IN USA" (just as we used on the original 1952-1960 Les Pauls). Most will be 5 to 6 digits in length, but the earliest examples feature 4 digit serial numbers. There should be a space after the 1st digit with the 4 and 5 digit serial numbers, and no space with the 6 digit numbers.

The 1st digit indicates the year of manufacture for the 4 & 5 digit serial numbers, these were used from 1989-1999. The 1st and 2nd indicate the year of manufacture for the 6 digit serial numbers which we've been using since 2000.

Examples -
9 xxx = 1989 (4 digit number beginning with "9" used only in 1989)
0 xxxx = 1990
9 xxxx = 1999
00xxxx = 2000
05xxxx = 2005

Those beginning with "94":
In 1994, Gibson's Centennial year, many instruments have a serial number that begins with "94" for the year, with the remaining 6 digits indicating the ranking number.
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