I played a gig last night with a borrowed Vox V112NT cabinet attached to my C30 and it really made a difference... I was able to get better projection and turn it up more without losing so much of the low end like I do with the C30 alone on an amp stand. The problem is the V112NT is small, and I had to stack it on top of the C30. I'd much prefer to get something large enough to put the combo on top of it.

So now I need to figure out which one to get... and as I won't be able to play through most of them to test out, recommendations from experienced community members would be very helpful.

My list so far (<$300, 1x12, 16 ohm) consists of:
Jet City JCA12S (Eminence speaker)
Blackstar HTV-112 (Celestion speaker)
Egnater Tweaker 112X (Celestion G12H-30)

And then there's the custom cab route with or without speakers. The ones that I've seen recommended were Avatar and Lopo.

What say ye? Pros/cons of these choices? Other recommendations?

Peavey used to make a cab specifically for the C30. if you can find it used, i highly recommend that one.

i also know a guy who uses a 2X12 (i think a Vox) extension and says it sounds amazing.
The Egnater is a great cab. The speaker alone costs $150 new.
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The Egnater is a great cab. The speaker alone costs $150 new.

I agree. Out of those cabs, the Egnater is the best choice. FWI OP, the speaker in the Blackstar sucks, cross that one off your list. I replaced mine the week I got my combo. They're weak.
Well, I went with the Egnater Tweaker 112X and so far really like what I'm getting. SOOOO much more low end when the amp is turned up. The amp itself sounds really good to me between 3 & 5 on the volume, but past 5 it starts to sound really harsh (low end really drops out). But with the Egnater plugged in, all that low end returns and the higher volume tone is a lot thicker.

We'll see how well it works in "real life" at our next gig.

Thanks for the help!
Update: I did 2 gigs in the last 2 weeks with the new Tweaker. It really made a HUGE improvement. I would recommend this if you're looking for something similar.