Hey all! My bro and I recently finished this tune called "Computers"... we were having ourselves some fun with the text-to-speech recognition program Windows Narrator. But I'd love for you to check it out at the link below and, as always, any feedback is appreciated!

I'm not really feeling the groove on this one. It sounds like you have two beats/loops going that aren't quite in synch. There's some obvious flamming for the latter part of the 2nd bar (it's obviously a two-bar groove).

Love the Windows Narrator stuff though. I used it myself or my Das Fark project High Futility from 2004. It's hard to get a good rhythm to it though, the trick is to use a lot of full stops and commas in grammatically wrong places.
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What do you mean by flamming? I'm not up on the recording parlance, so please forgive me.

And it's actually more ghetto than a loop; for the drum track which I laid down first, I just recorded one of the keyboard's preset drum beats as it repeated for eternity. This was done because I'm lazy and figured that would be easier than using software to loop it.

Haha, and yeah, I know what you mean by putting in weird punctuation to make the rhythm more accurate. That's cool that you've worked with it too.

Thanks for listening to the tune! I appreciate your thoughts.