Hi, I have a lefty B.C. Rich Warlock which I bought around 8 years ago and I want to overhaul it, new everything. The problem is finding a trem that would fit. If the attached picture shows up, you will see it's smaller than a Floyd Rose, the spacing between the screws is 53/54mm. I am after something decent in black. Any help will be appreciated and any details you need just let me know.
Thanks in advance.
BCR CT.jpg
Just rout it out and drop a Floyd in there. Finding a trem that's going to retrofit that is not gonna happen.
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I had a bad feeling that would be the only answer. Cheers for the reply.
yaaahh!!! lefty power!!! ahaha sorry i dont have any answers im just a proud lefty
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Ha ha, it's nice to be different but bugger me it's hard to find parts and guitars to suit. It's either too cheap, too expensive or it only comes in black.