Hey all!

This is my latest original song, although it's actually a revamp of my very first original song ever. I wrote this song about 2 years ago, and dedicated it to my now ex-girlfriend; it's still dedicated to her, although not quite in the same way as before... In any case, in my opinion it's my best original yet, if I'm allowed to say so!

I used my brand-new sE Electronics X1 condenser mic for this recording; it's a brilliant piece of gear! Records really clear and bright. Anyway, here's the song:

The Flower And The Rock (by ZeGuitarist)

Hope you enjoy it! Crit for crit, as usual...


ZEDIT: Remixed, and link updated.
Am reviewing as I'm listening...

At the point where the acoustic has entered. I'm really feeling the vibe here, this could work perfectly on any advert with a seductive womans voice on top! But yeah i think the guitars and the bass are perfectly balanced at this point, The synth and bass together are creating a kind of low drone nicely, perhaps on the last time round try and get a bit of a higher note coming from the synth, just to even out the playing field (Bass was slightly heavy)

Ah this is what i mean, the vocals are in and the synth (choir backing?) fills the space brilliantly. It's laid back but there is still quite a bit going on, which sounds good. The chord change adds a nice new section. The timbre has become a bit more focused in this section, i like the transition between them. The vocals could do with a bit more processing. The effects are nice but perhaps a slight bit of parallel compression just to make the vocal a bit more 'full' sounding.

And it's finished! I don't think it should have ended there, was really relaxing to listen to and it felt like the second section was leading somewhere bigger...

Like i say, would really do well as advert music, you should upload to a production library! Brilliant job on keeping such a soothing atmosphere in quite a busy song. Well done!

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Crit as I listen!

Intro seems to build alot of tension in me, so much to the extent I didn't have a clue what to expect next, so the acoustic bit was brilliant, seemed to really settle the piece; bringing it to a nice consistent laid back atmosphere. One thing though, I didn't like the bass tone. It seemed a bit 'strong', and clashing with the whole vibe you got going as its a bit overwhelming. I guess I expect a really smooth sound with a smooth attack.

Vocals sound a bit distant in the mix, weak if I may say so, but nevertheless good. Y'know though, I'm almost reluctant to say that, because the subtle nature of it really does compliment the instruments in a strange way. I probably sound crazy. Just ignore that if you want!

I totally dig everything going on when the vocals kick in, its all well balanced and everything, but I just thought it might go somewhere! It seemed to end just as it really started. It built up, with a really awesome feeling, leading me to think that it was gonna go all epic an shit, really big, but it ended. I guess that may ruin the chilled thing you got going throughout though.

I have to say, this is a pretty neat song. Its a great listen, production isn't bad at all, and the song itself is enjoyable, with a sweet vibe! good work dude.
Spooky keyboards! Electric bass is a bit boomy (I tried 2 different pairs of Sony headphones), perhaps you could roll off some of the lower frequencies on that. If it were me, I would shorten the keyboard & electric bass intro (but otherwise it's good). Guitar sounds very good audio & melody wise. I would also prefer for the vocals to start earlier. Vocals sound very good & dreamy, good vocal melody. It may be bittersweet now, but I can tell you put your heart into this. A bit long, but otherwise a very good recording! Do you ever listen to 6Music on the Radio BBC?
Thanks for all your crits people! I'll address some of these critiques. Will return crits as soon as I can!

About the bass tone: yes, I know it's quite powerful, but I wanted it to be like that. I also prefer the gritty, more defined sound by adding a touch of overdrive, to the softer and warmer bass sound Aaron was talking about. I really think it adds more character to the overall sound. Like Davester said, it's meant to be some kind of a low drone on which the rest of the song steadily rolls on. I like that drone to have its own character, though! Think Glósóli by Sigur Rós: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bz8iEJeh26E

Quote by Davester000
Ah this is what i mean, the vocals are in and the synth (choir backing?) fills the space brilliantly.
Synth? Choir backing? That's just me singing, it's multiple tracks of my vocals panned out to spread over the entire stereo spectrum. I've used that trick in one or two of my previous songs.

Quote by aaron aardvark
Do you ever listen to 6Music on the Radio BBC?
Unfortunately, I don't get Radio BBC in Belgium, what is it?
Crit as I listen.

Very haunting so far. I like it a lot... Guitar just came in. I think I'm in love. There better be vocals or I'll be pissed. Such a cool song, very emotional. I'm kind of jealous that I didn't write it. Vocals are in! I love you, man!

I have nothing bad to say about this song. I like your voice, the guitarwork, lyrics, everything.
I'm really impressed.
Reviewing as I listen: Nice intro, very spacey. Is that bass in the intro? I'm sorry I can't tell, I'm sorta out of it today :P. I like how the intro is setting the mood. OH WOW, dude the acoustic work reminds me of Goodbye Blue Sky by Pink Floyd, not a bad thing at all , I like how this is sounding so far, again the acoustic work is working really well right now. Woah, the vocals just entered and I'm lovin' it man, absolutely lovin' it . Dude I've said this about all your other originals, the lyrics are really nice. I wish I had a part of your talent of writing lyrics. Your voice and acoustic work really suits the song well. Oh dude, I just noticed the backing vocals, damn, I didn't notice them at first but they make so much sense with everything else. Now it ends like it began. Very very nice song my friend!! Keep it up

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This sounded really good. I like how you start with just the bass, it builds suspense for the dramatic guitar.

Very well executed all around.

Even with the ambient noise.

Vocals were good, you could have entered them earlier though and wrote a few more lyrics, but even so, it was perfect.

Brilliantly executed. Kudos.