im going with at&t and I want to get a good smartphone thats a candybar style and similar to an iPhone, but not an iPhone. any suggestions
Why AT&T? Everyone I know hates AT&T. The prevalent suggestion in this thread will be the Droid.
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Haven't you heard? Open space confuses At&t's signal
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i strongly dislike verizon. they are ****ing assholes from my experience. plus out where I live AT&T gets the best service and they have been fairly reasonable to deal with too.
get an HTC Desire when they come out in the states, I have one and it ****ing rules.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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get an HTC Desire when they come out in the states, I have one and it ****ing rules.


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LG Optimus is a good one (dunno if that meets your needs but it is good)
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The only reason to go for AT&T at all is for the iPhone.

Go for Verizon and get a Droid X (or a HTC Droid Incredible. I personally prefer the X, but both are great phones).
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I say go for a phone with the Android OS. I personally own the first Motorola Droid and I love it though there have been major advances made with the new ones on verizon such as the Droid X or better yet The Motorola Droid 2! though Blackberry is a good option too and AT&T has a few good ones.
why is at&t so bad? i never have any real problems with them. I have an iPhone but i just cracked the glass on it so I switched back to my solstice. they get superior reception to anything else out where I live and plus they are a lot better to deal with than verizon.
Got myself a Samsung Wave a month or two ago. Fantastic. the only problem i have is the battery life. Could be better. Needs charged every 2 days-ish.
Why not an iPhone, TS?
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