Before anyone comes in and wants to be the elitest genre DICK, yes this is metal, just not heavy metal.

That being said after looking at your myspace and reading the influences I def hear plenty of Breaking Benjamin in there, except a bit more enjoyable to listen to Liked the solo and then the harmonizing lines after that. Yes it seems repetative, but that's because a song like this is FAR MORE suited to have vocals over it then being an instrumental like this.

I liked the song arrangement. 7+ min can be a little long but it passed by pretty quickly, meaning you put the song together well to make it more seamless. The tone for everything is subjective cause I'm listening to it through tiny speakers. The mix was done well enough though, high hat overpowered the mix every once in a while but maybe that's the speakers again.

Definately enjoyable. Solid 8/10

Here's mine


Hope you enjoy it. If you have the time please give it somewhat detailed review. I'd really appreciate it. Cheers
I'm not much into metal, but as bdof said, this isn't the heaviest of metal, and pretty melodic. I really, really enjoyed it. Variation is the kind of thing I enjoy in music, and the main reason I don't like most heavy metal (as it's often just powerchord bashing front to end), but at the same time the reason I like your song a lot! The switches between heavier sections and the more melodic, "cleaner" sections made this a really interesting listen; you managed to keep me interested through the entire 7 minutes.

I liked the guitar tone, as well, especially in the cleaner sections. I'm not sure how this song would fare with vocals, but I actually enjoyed it as it is. It might be possible to improve on it with vocals, I'm not sure... Overall, this is great, though.

Crit mine, please? Not quite metal, though:

This is good. The song flows really well, the riffing is good and the chord progression is great. The sounds are really ****ing good. Solos are tasty... wow. All it needs is vocals. I hate it when I come across songs like this. They're really hard to crit and I feel stupid to say "c4c" at the end of the post when I haven't been able to crit anything... the song is great. All I wish is the berakdown should be shorter.

Care to crit my song?
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