So... Iv'e been self teaching myself from books and internet so far to learn the 6 string withthe intention of becomeing a lead guitarist...
Im 23 and not really done anything with my life upto this point i guess... i really wish id taken up an instrument in school i know i couldve started earlier but im determined and eager to learn with the ambition to play in a band making music to perform to an audience

Basically ive untill last month never considered a life in the music indutry and I'm pretty much having all my info and ideas from second hand knowledge books and internet mostly youtube videos

I am progressing much fastwe rthan i ever thought pssible in my guitar skills (well for someone whos oonly been playing amonth) and was really hoping i could get some advice on meeting othe rpeople in my area ie a music school or large tutoring class so i can really get some feed back and obviously some lessons!

is this a good idea/ nessesary? if so does anyone know a great place to meet up in and around the northwest england? im in lytham and need somewhere pretty much here or blackpool as i dont have transport
any help would be really appreciated thanks!

EDIT: CRAP! forgot to mention im playing a classical guitar right nowits pretty beat up and cheap really some kinda plywood sound board its 3 steel 3 nylon acoustic and pretty hard to play being that the actions pretty high :-s
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lessons arent neccecarry but playing and meeting with other musicians is one of the best things you can do to improve