If there is a thread for guitar solos, then there must be one for the backbone of a song: the riff. Therefore, what are some standout guitar riffs for you, whether because they're trippy, effed-up, catchy, heavy, complex, simple, etc.?
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Smoke on the water....


Seriously though:

Young Lust - Pink Floyd

Another Brick in the Wall

Sweet Emotion

The Hand that feeds

Whole Lotta Love
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Icarus Lives! - Periphery

Nightwalker - Vanden Plas

Isis and Osiris - Ayreon

No Quarter - Led Zeppelin

Souls of Black - Testament

Lazy - Deep Purple

20 Minutes/40 Years - Isis

Born (chorus) - Nevermore

Periscope - Andromeda

Future Breed Machine - Meshuggah

Black Materia - Spheric Universe Experience

and many many more...
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too many to list, but some of my favorites are

Type O Negative-black no1
Stone Temple Pilots-interstate love song
Emperor- i am the black wizards
Mithotyn- hail me
Falkenbach- when gjallarhorn will sound
Six Feet Under- shadow of the reaper
Racer X- scarified
Nevermore- believe in nothing
Pantera- cemetery gates
Dokken- just got lucky
Man On The Silver Mountain - Rainbow
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cochise- audioslave
bad seed-metallica
3's and 7's-queens of the stone age
frankenstein-edgar winters group
right now-korn
sad but true-metallica