Hi everyone,
I need to find a good web site for guitar lessons.
I do not have any decent guitar teachers in my area so the only other way I can think of is to use the internet.

I am just starting to learn so a site which starts at the basics and builds from there would be great.

I would like to learn some basic theory as well as the practical side, but I DONT want to be taught nursery rhymes. I know I will lose interest if I have to learn them.

Cheers and thanks

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Check out Metal Method’s DVD course. No nursery rhymes, no folk music, no dumbed-down blues songs by guys only Berklee grads have ever heard of. Just hard rock and metal by a guy who has actually been in hard rock and metal bands. Comes with PDF tab and animated scorch files along with a support message board.
Hi Excentric and welcome to UG.

There are a number of "teach yourself music theory" books out there; once you know the modal part you really only need to know your fretboard and assorted techniques (most of which are easy to teach yourself).

Also, UG!
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His youtube lessons are literally the best out there, he does theory lesson, genre/style lessons, song lessons etc. etc.

Definitely worth checking out.

Yes, I agree. Youtube is full of really great guitar learning lessons. Some even have the tabs that appear on the screen as you play the notes.

Check out Youtube. But remember, they usually focus on very specific songs, so you have to have some very specific ideas on what songs you want to learn ahead of time.

Jamplay is definitely worth the cash.
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do what I did, gain some scars along the way with my proven 4-step program:

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Another justinguitar recommendation here. It might also be worth grabbing a copy of his music theory for beginners book. It's really easy to follow and helps explain a significant amount of music theory, at least enough to give you a grounding.
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I have always liked using Youtube. You can find all sorts of helpful lessons on there.
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UG actually has some excellent lessons. there are some shoddy things, and things that arent well put together, since most of it is user generated content.

for theory, try this lesson: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/for_beginners/learning_music_theory_the_beginning.html
i havent really read through it in a long time, but from what i remember it is fantastic. i used to post a lot in the MT forum (they talk theory) and thats what most people were recomended to start with. it doesnt exactly go in the order i would choose, and it is focused more on the theory than guitar application, but its still good.

i would work through that as you go with whatever playing focused course you decide on