I'm having a little trouble playing a certain song by ear. I got some parts down, but I'm lost on most of the song. I want to learn "Forced Doors on the 14th Floor" by VersaEmerge (when they still had a male singer). I'm not a fan of the vocals, but LOVE the instrumentals.

If you search versaemerge on http://www.grooveshark.com, you'll see "vocalist tryouts" which is the song I want w/o the vocals, so it should be easy. If someone is willing to tab the Rhythym guitar part of this song, or even half of it, I will be willing to send you some $$$ if you have paypal. I believe the song is some type of drop tuning (Db?) starting off in an open note followed by a pinch harmonic @ 0:05?

Yes, I'm a n00b at guitar atm. Please go easy on me :P
I'm just a bit too lazy to. But you could try looking at the tab for The Guillotine by Escape The Fate. They sound very similar.
Or their other tabs.

That suggestion was free!