I have a red Dean Avalanche strat copy, and it was HH. I, being a Steve Vai fan, wanting to convert it to HSH. So, I took the neck off, then the pickguard off the body (the fretboard's "23rd" fret rests on top of the pickguard) and brought the pickguard to my Woodshop class, because the teacher has a Dremel rotary tool. I cut the spot for the single coil, and when I brought it home, I realized it was in the wrong area. So I decided to put the project on standby, and never put the guitar back together... for three months. I recently bought a handwired pickguard, and installed it on the guitar. To my dismay, the neck is now warped, and unplayable, because the strings currently rest ON the frets, even with the saddles up as high as I can get them, and with some small truss rod adjustment. How can I fix this? A drastic trussrod adjustment? Or just take it to a shop? I want to do it myself, because the pickguard (+locking tuners) cost me $170 shipped.

Long story short: Neck was off guitar for 3 months, now I can't get it to play well. Help?
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id take it to a tech but if you want to do it your self go ahead by all means just dont do more than and 1/8 turn at a time
Basically, the truss rod has bowed your neck without the counteracting force of the strings.
Loosen your truss rod off a bit (turn 1 whole turn CCW ) and wait a couple of days for it to come back to straight or even too much relief. Then follow Jenny's (JJ1565) setup sticky to check and re-adjust your relief till there's only a tiny bit. The readjust your string height (action) then you'll need to intonate.
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'89 MIJ Fender Strat
Rivera S-120
'60s PEPCO Model 211 5w head
'60s Paul (Pepco) 1x12 tube amp
'60s Harmony H303a 1x10 tube amp
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