Im in a prog death metal band and i play a schecter hellraiser 7 string. we play in A standard and im going to be getting a ibanez 7 string, because the necks are less wide then the schecter. But im debating weather i should just switch back to 6 string, because i dont like the thickness of the 7 string neck. Are ibanez 7 string neck's thinner than schecter 7 string necks?
I haven't played a Schecter, but I can definitely say that Ibanez necks are very thin. My thumb at its widest at the joint is just a bit thicker than my 8-string's neck.
well, i like to play fast all around the neck, and i dont know if i got a 6 string it would be easier to play tech death riffs and such, because of the thinner neck and less strings. but i also like using 7 strings, so im not sure what to do.
if you really like 7 strings check out a thin neck 7 string guitar
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yeah, thats why im trying to do. From what I heard Ibanez has very thin necks. I was just wondering if anyone else knew about ibanez neck sizes.
Yeah ive got an ibanez 7 string the S7320, the necks are VERY thin, not far off the thickness of a standard ibanez s series but definitely not as thick as a standard schecter 6 string hellraiser.
Im not a fan of thin necks though, so mines up on ebay now, Im switching to a schecter hellraiser when the auction finishes.
The neck is also very flat, its only rounded at the top and bottom, so I can see how youd get the speed from it, but it just doesnt suit me.
Thanks, that was actually very helpful. And yes i can see how thin necks might not be appealing to some, but i like to play very fast riffs, especially on the lower frets.
Ive played a few Ibby 7 strings and i prefer them all over my Schecter. THe schecters neck is like.... sludge, i hate it. Id go with the Ibanez... orbut not to be a fan boy but maybe look into an ESP seven string?
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I have a c-7 schecter and i'm very comfortable with the neck, even though traditionally im used to ibanez necks. I'd say give it a try. Also, whats wrong with playing A standard on a 7er? just get used to it
Check out the discontinued Ibanez RG1077XL, RG7421XL, and LTD SC607B. They show up on eBay and CraigsList. They're definitely thinner than the Schecter HellRaiser or Blackjack.

Those 3 are 27" scale, the Ibanezes have passives while the LTD has active EMGs (stock).

Maybe try playing a Jackson 7 string. To me, Jackson seems to be the middle man between Ibanez thin necks, and Schecter thick, which is perfect for me.

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I own a Schecter Omen 7 string and I found that the Schecter neck is much more comfortable (becauses I have small hands) than an Ibanez neck. Just play around with a couple of 7 strings and go for the one that feels the most comfortable to you.
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Too bad Jackson has so few models that are 7 string in the first place. I can only think of christian olde wolbers sig (bolt-on though) and the new SLAT-7's (soloist archtop). It's really a conservative company nowadays.

Ibanez RGA7, I've heard, is really good for the price. Solid hardware, active pups (easy to swap an EMG 81-7 or 707 on if you like) and all-access neck joint. Slim neck as well. It has though boring dot inlays but if you don't mind that...
Where do you live? If you're close enough, I have a c1 hellraiser fr I'm willing to trade for a 7 string, if it's in good condition that is.