Okay, I've been a guitarist/ musician for about 7 very active years. I've came through a lot of genres and bands that mirror those genres so I listened to lots of styles. When I listened to older music I used to listen to I still have some what of appreciation for it, even if it was when i was 12 and liked FOB (sorry, i was dumb). But now being a jazz guitarist and playing in a Prog metal band I have a, what I feel is a very broad idea of musical quality.

When I read the recent UG review in TMIM (This Month In Metal) and saw the review for Avenge Sevenfold's Nightmare, I was displeased and happy at the same time. 1 I can't listen to A7X because it's too repetitive for me and isn't in any way out of the box or new. 2. I understand newer or not as experienced players like Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance, as stupid as their names are.

Here's the deal with UG IMO, over the pass 2 years I felt that the quality of reviews have been up for grabs by anyone. When reviewing a band you don't like you can't put your feelings into the review. Reviews are supposed to be a neutral evaluation of the Pros and Cons of a product. But seriously it seems if the reviewers have been rubbed the wrong way by a product whether it be a guitar pedal or album the review will be 5 or under.

UG seriously needs to get more mature or more musically experienced reviewers to review products or albums because I, and most of the UG community can agree, am sick and tired of some 13 y/o kid who played or listened to something one time and says it's better than everything. (i.e. a kid said a fender frontman amp, the practice one, was better than a vox, or something like that, I'm too lazy to look it up to credit myself)

We need change and more dependable articles please!
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Good point, However, im sure id be a little biased if i ever wrote a review on a band i really like
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I agree 100%, however I don't see it happening.
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Oh yeah man, But there's always something you know other people don't like in a band you love. I love Cynic's Traced In Air more than life but I know a con of that album is that the pitchshifter is weired for people who aren't used to hearing it.
An objective review of an album isn't a review, it's a description. A review is supposed to talk about whether the music is good or not. In that case, the reviewer didn't like the album at all, therefore giving it a negative grade. I don't see what the problem is at all besides how popular the band is therefore creating a butthurt shitstorm.

EDIT : The reviewer in question wasn't a 13 year old etc... There's a reason he does the This Month In Metal article, it's because he knows what he's talking about. I don't see how a review can affect a listener's liking for an album, it's you like it or not, doesn't matter what someone else says.
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Reviews are stupid anyway. Why do I care if someone else likes a band or not? Should I decide not to listen to a band I've never heard of based on the advice of a talking head? No that'd be silly.
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