this is my buddies band that ive been following over a couple years now, they just released their 4 track demo this week and i thought i shud share it with you guys.

all four songs r up on their youtube page



2.i dont wanna be you

theyre a mix of punk and rage-ish type rock (you dont hear the rage influence much on the demo aside from the bridge in AOI but its the direction theyre going in)

enjoy boys and girls
The guitarist has a filthy mullet. And the singer can't sing. The mixing isn't that great. But it's solid enough. Plenty of room for improvement.
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Holy crap, check this out!
nah i mean like rage against the mean type shit in aoi.
anyways if u dont like it please dont be rude be constructive if anything...
I thought you meant "rage" like the band Rage.
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