well, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I've decided I can't make a decision on my own and figured I'd ask to see other peoples opinions about what to do.

so about six months ago i was asked to join a band, completely out of nowhere, my bass teacher got me the gig. this, being my first band, didn't really know what to expect. i got in, learned the first 30 minutes of music, played a few gigs (all festivals and fairs etc etc) got paid a little.

now, we're close to the magic number of 3 45 minute sets, which is like the minimum here in VA to play friday and saturday nights in bars. but, our singers dad (we're all teens) doesn't want us doing these gigs. he wants us doing the free festivals so she (not US) can get publicity. so there is one conflicting point. and has started a lot of arguments between him and my dad (both are hard headed as can be.)

the other conflict is that our singer is mostly into country and we're (musically) a rock band. Now every one outta five songs we probably do a country song just to keep her happy, but a. i have no fun playing them. b. where we're trying to play those songs do us no good. but because her (and her parents) want us to do country, we "have too." i seen to be the only kid who seems to realize that there are other singers, maybe not as talented, but still good. so basically I'm undecided as to wether i should stay or go. I want to stay, seeing as they are all good musicians and that we're worked really hard to get these three sets, but I've also lost my enjoyment playing with them due to all the BS.

eh, sorry I've been ranting XD I'm sure i come off as whiney, but I'd really like some advice XD
Chick country singer with a psycho stage dad? Sounds like a great idea to me... There are a couple of options here...

Option A) Kick her out of the band, she doesn't fit and her dad is a douche (obviously not as bluntly as I just put it).

Option B) Sit down with the girl and talk about what YOU guys want to do who gives a shit what her dad wants?

Nothing irks me more than when a parent gets WAY too involved in their child's high school band. I was in a band like that back when I was in high school and it fucking sucked. The bassists mother would start telling us what we should do and what songs were and weren't good for us to play and I got out of there real quickly. Bottom line is, this band is most likely just a fun thing for you and your friends to do when you hang out... don't ever go into a high school band thinking "Oh we are geniuses we are totally gonna MAKE IT!" cause then you just look like a shmuck. Don't let the singer's dad decide the direction of your band this isn't the Jackson 5.
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What's the problem with doing both? If I had to choose between regular gigs and doing 2-3 festivals, I'd obviously take the regular gigs due to the money. It sounds like you guys are a cover band (due to the length of your set), so it's more about getting regular gigs at pubs/corporate functions rather than playing festivals to gain fans.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
the thing is he'll go out of his way to put something up so that she cant do it or something else to get out of these bar gigs. I'd be fine with her not in the band, but everyone else is too nice about it, they try being her friend etc. etc. and I agree we should do both. but he doesn't even look for bar gigs and only looks for festivals for FREE. its like being a slut and not a prostitute XD
If this is really about publicity for the girl, if you can explain to him that gigs everywhere are publicity, and local exposure is just as important (if not more initially) as festival gigs for gaining exposure for the band and her daughter.

Anyway, how about one of you guys look for gigs in addition to the father? Assume that he would appreciate some "help", and apply to bars yourself.

It's a rule of bands "don't rely on other people to get you gigs, make your own opportunities". Although promoters are great to get you gigs while you do nothing, obviously you could get stuff done faster and easier if you did them yourself.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
your singers dad seems to want to do to you what happens to most girl fronted bands
you start as a band and ever so slowly the band becomes just about the frontwoman til before you know it your her backing band and getting like 1/10 of the pay
this as like all things isn't always the case but i have found that women want to be solo and guys want a band
whats he doing messing with your guys band anyway just say that if he wants to play the festivals he should start a band

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