I lived in Fort Worth for 3 years, a long time ago. I'll start out with saying: I think everything sounds very good, but I do have some constructive (hopefully) criticism. Unless you have this as background music for a movie (which I think could work), I think the song is either too long or needs a few vocals. The intro is cool, but I think it's too long. Is the intro guitar a 12 string? Sounds good! Were you inspired at all by Pink Floyd with the sound effects? Audio quality ranges from good to very good in my opinion. Lead guitar sounds real nice. In my opinion, you could shorten the song by about 30-45 seconds and it would hold my interest better. Otherwise, it's excellent overall. Please review my music at this link:

Hey man!

I don't agree with the poster above me, I don't think the intro is too long at all. I do agree that the song needs vocals or some kind of melody to keep it interesting all through the almost 4 minutes.

Other than the arrangement, I have nothing to criticise. The overall sound quality is brilliant, with excellent tone on each instrument, and great mixing and mastering as well. I'm loving the sound effects, like the phaser/flanger I'm hearing. Excellent job!

Crit my song? Not quite the same genre:

Yeah, I was thinking about adding some vocals or something. Thanks for all the compliments, I'll be sure to check out both links and get back to you guys.

P.S. If you didn't, try listening to it with headphones.