K so, my band and I have are finishing up our third song. It's a fast-paced, thrash heyday sort of deal in the vein of classic Exodus. Anyways, me and the other guitarist are going to switch off on the lead playing. He has his part down but I have yet to put mine to paper. My problem is that I only have 8 seconds -yes 8- to do this. For some strange reason I cannot play anything decent that I like on a personal level. Usually when i write a solo, it's either half a minute or more in length. But 8 seconds? This feels sp awkward to me. Do you guys have any suggestions?
Ya, I could run that by them - extending it out. One problem is that I am WAY too meticulous. I like to take my time to write my shit out. Think it out, play it out, scrap it, rewrite, play again, confirm. They're being hasty because they want to play an open mic next week.