so, i have an ibanez 350M, brand new, and i believe ive totally f*cked it up. one of the tension screws seems to have lost its thread; itll slide right out (pun all you want, but i seriously need help here) so its left my guitar pretty much unplayable since i have a floating tremolo bridge. any way to fix this? like that liquid wood stuff; if i filled the hole (yes, sex jokes away) with that, land let it dry, would that fix it? or am i just up sh*ts creek here?
tensions screw? the ones that hole the springs in?
i guess filling the whole with glue or wood filler might work ive never had this happen so i dont know how well thatll work
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Yeah it's just wood, fill it up.

That sucks though, never seen that happen.

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i had this problem with my dean, youll have to fill it with wood glue and re drill it

if the hole is big fill it with wood glue and then take a toothpick(wooden of course) and stick it in then break it off, that way it wont take nearly as long to dry and it will be stronger than just glue
yeah depending on how big the hole is you may need new more wood.
I routed out the part the came out, put in a more dense wood by making it really rough and sort of tightly fitting, then covered it in wood glue. Make sure you make it an irregular shape (a rectangle is easy to slide out... i did mine in a T sort of shape... fill up gaps with wood filler then youre done.
did you forget that the guitar was in a lower tuning so the springs were looser then tuned it back to normal pitch? thats what I did I SURE LEARNT MY LESSON!