Hi guys. I've decided to go ahead and buy a new Macbook Pro with a 250gb internal hard drive. I read that it's best to buy an external hard drive to save the recorded audio to. That kinda sucks because I mainly wanted the Macbook for it's portability. I was wondering if I would be able to get away without using an external if I upgraded the internal to a 7200 rpm 500gb. If not, what would be a good external to buy? I read something about a "raid" external but i can't seem to find too much info about that.

My firewire 800 port will be occupied with my firewire recording interface. So should I buy an esata express card and use that? Also, should I be saving sample libraries on this external too? I'm really trying to get away with the most portable setup possible.

As you can see, I have a thousand questions and would really appreciate any help that you guys can give me. Thanks!
raid wont work with protools, and its primarily used to store data over a series of harddrives to prevent data loss so if one dies, youve usually got enough information on the others to get the data that has been lost. What I'd advise doing is maybe keeping the macbook as it is, save the current stuff you are working on on there. then buy a 1tb external to save the rest of your projects on...
But I guess it depends what youre using it for. I'm currently studying Audio Engineering and my lecturer said its rare to be on more than 3 projects at a time.
Just use the external as a backup with importat files,photos, music or whatever incase you mac would for some reason crash. then you can format and reinstall your mac and get back your old precious files from the external drive when you need too. The only thing you will lose if the mac crash is the most recent files you havn't copied to the external drive yet.
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I bought an external hardrive for my macbook and I store nearly everything on it to keep my Mac running as fast as possible, since your firewire port is occupied most of the time you could get a external that also has a USB port, the USB transfer on Macs is really fast so you won't have to worry about not being able to use your firewire port for transferring.

To be honest unless your storing movies, cds, games, loops etc on your external you won't need one, their are programs that will slim down your mac and its apps aswell as delete unused code/language files that will save a lot of space and boast its performance
250GB is plenty of space for a few recording sessions. However you may want to install carbonite on there as well as COPY the drive to an external one every week or so. Don't record direct to the external, it will most liekly be too slow. I suggest just using that as your on-site backup solution.

If the drive is a 5400RPM I would look into a faster one as that can limit how many tracks you can read/write at once.

RAID isnt commonly an external setup but DROBO makes a system like that. I would not record direct to it. A SANS would be an active solution for this type of system however you're talking about spending a lot for a pointless setup for a recording studio.

"1 copy is NOT a backup"
Thank you all so much for the info! Time to go put all of my new found knowledge to good use...