I always tend to just write out lyrics and music separately as I usually just write stuff down when it comes to me, and never really plan out a time to write either one. The problem is, while my lyrics/music are good separately, I can never think of music to go with my pre-written lyrics and lyrics to go with my pre-written music. I feel like they have potential, but I can't get them to work together if you understand what I mean.

Should I keep lyrics in mind when I write music and vice versa? The only reason I don't is because when I do if feels like I'm keeping myself in a box and it hampers my work. So can anyone help me over this mental roadblock? Thanks.

yeah you should keep your lyrics in mind sometimes when you writes music.

I finds that if you have pre-written lyrics, then you can't always just take stock music you have pre-written and visa versa. What I suggest is when you writes one, put it to the side for a short while and try to make special lyrics/music based on the mood of what you already written.

I got a bunch of lyrics I cant get music for because my pre-written music doesn't fit properly. So when I works with them I try to feel what they are. Sometimes you wont get what you originally planned but it works.

Of course it also depends on the genre and your influences. I suggest when you writes say music, listen to artists that inspired it and see what they done with that style, and consider it a possibility maybe?


P.S by the way, sometimes just record and listen to the separate pieces and write the first thing that comes to mind while listening?
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I guess everyone has his own method for songwriting, but most of the time I have my lyrics written first, and then I put music on them.
I try to sing my lyrics (be it just in my head or not ) and I write down the notes of the melody.
Then I (try to) find chords that fit the melody of the vocals.
Next, I make another melody (that is, a riff or a counterpoint or...) in/around those chords, or I just keep them as chords, depending on what fits better for the song.
Then I work on the structure of the song, adding instrumental pieces, like an intro, interludes, outro...

I only write the guitar or the piano, or whatever I plan to play myself in this song, and I let the other bandmembers play something of their own.

I do realise that this will most likely not work for you as it does for me, but maybe we're lucky and it does?