Hey guys, I've lurked around the forums for a few days and I need some help deciding between a few different models. I'm new to the platform and with so many different models and styles available I'm feeling a bit lost. I picked up a lot of different brands at Guitar Center and the Ibanez guitars feel the best in my hands. I'm into metal and rock and luckily Ibanez seems to cater to this crowd. I have medium sized hands and I feel like for whatever reason I can more easily reach all of the strings. I have a maximum budget of $375 for my first guitar and so far I've narrowed it down to the following models: RGA32, RG321MH, RG321E, RG32EX1, GRGA32T. Again I am a total newb so I cannot really tell what the differences are between these models and am equally clueless about which would be the best for what I'm interested in and which would be best for a new player. If I am totally off base, I wouldn't mind being steered away from these as long as it is reasonably close to my price range. Other brands would be alright as well, but so far the Ibanez guitars feel best in my hands. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
OK the GRGA32T is a Gio model which is lesser quality, it also has a edge III bridge which you really do NOT want to deal with if you're a beginner.

The RGA models have an arched top as opposed to the flat top. Apart from that there isnt many differences betweent the models you have mentioned outside of asthetics. They would all be solid beginners guitars bar the GRAG32T which has the Edge III tremolo system.

You want to avoid this because double locking tremolo systems would get in the way of learning and the Edge III is a pretty bad locking trem even if you know what you're doing.
Go for what feels best when you play it, but like the guy above says avoid locking trems on your first guitar.
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Please don't let Guitar Center bully you into an Ibanez. If you decided Ibanez was the guitar for you on your own, by all means buy Ibanez. At my Guitar Center they do anything and everything to get you out the door with an Ibanez for whatever reason and it really pisses me off even though I own one lol.