So here is my sexy newly acquired RG7621, which arrived at my door sporting a very badly finished natural linseed coated body, so naturally I had to get her into a workshop and sort this sh1t out.

Also, only the bridge pup hole had been routed out to fit an EMG 707, the DiMarzio Blaze at the neck had just been disconnected and left in... so I got the tools out and rectified that too. Even added a nice little gouge for the connector on the 707 and the cable

Decided not to use a router as basswood is so soft, one small mistake could spell disaster and I have access to some very very nice hand tools anyway

More to come soon, its currently being sanded to some very fine grades, cleaned up, then its getting sealed and a top quality poly coat to protect it
Looks damn good for hand work! Although I think you overestimated the softness of basswood, its not that soft.
Sanded, sealed, masked off and awaiting a top quality nitro finish Decided against a poly finish.

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Looks great, can't wait to see it with a finish
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Wow, so neat, so clean...


Im against colouring this particular guitar, seeing how its probably the nicest three pieces of Japanese basswood ive ever seen. Granted it still basswood, but in the right light the grains pretty sweet.

So yeah, clear nitro cellulose