Great playing man, i couldn't really tell from the video but i think you nailed the solo. But one thing i see from a lot of shredders is that they dont use enough vibrato or use too much. in your case i guess its too little. Um you should get better recording, maybe a mic or like a line6 tone pod. it helps a lot. Other than that, its awesome. I love me some ATR, its like my guilty pleasure.

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You've certainly inspired me to take up learning that song. From I could hear you sounded good, but I had trouble hearing anything really.
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Great song, and it looked like you nailed both the solo and the song in general. But my tip to you is if you dont have a good method to record with except your cam; Just record the guitar itself with the cam, then get an editing-program and get the track itself in from there, like the song itself so its isolated. Then you can fine-tune the volume and make your guitar stand more out. Because as of now it was quite hard to hear what was you, and what was the song itself. Other than that; Great playing!

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