Is there a drop tune effect in Guitar Rig? So i can play songs that are drop tuned without any guitar drop tuning
you have the pitch shifter, but if you play for example in drop D, it wont work, cause it changes the pitch in all strings, not just one, it might work like dropping half-step or full-step down.
But if you have guitar rig, you have the tuner, wheres the problem in tuning down the strings?
i'm too lazy to tune my strings for just one song or something. I usually play in standard
It's not possible. You can downtune to d-standard, or if you are already in drop-d, to drop-c, but you cannot change the pitch of one string. How the hell should guitar rig know what string you are playing on?
It's possible with a hexaphonic pickup hooked up to a guitar synth. We can not solve your laziness.
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Im not talking about 1 string but drop al the strings.

Then just use a pitch shifter.
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