i previously posted a thread asking how long i should be practicing for and realised i am practacing incorrectly.
what is the correct way to practice?
There are many 'correct' ways to practice; You could work on scales, chord progressions, or even just get a tab to your fave song and learn it.
how do i work on scales and chord progressions?, do i just play them over and over again for an hour or something?
That would be a good thing to do because you end up becoming very familiar to the scale and manage the play the scale correctly and fast. It will also get stuck in your head so you shouldn't forget it.
There's no "wrong" way to practice.

Play what you want to, when you want, for however long. Sometimes I'll play chords and little solo bits for hours on end, sometimes I'll focus on something specific for half an hour or so. Or I'll sit down and look into theory for a bit.
The majority of my "practice" is playing through songs and chord progressions for as long as I feel like.

Key point - it should be fun, and if you find running through the same scales for an hour straight it probably won't help you all that much.
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When practicing scales:

Practice the scale over and over again as you said. Be sure that you say the names of the notes in the scale as your play them (i.e.: A majorscale: a, b, c#, d, e, f#, g#). That way you will, when you get some musical theory knowledge, be able to solo over chord progressions with your scales easily - and you'll get to know the notes all over the fretboard.

And remember you this: You must make sure to make absolute minimum movement with your fingers, I remembered this after seeing this lesson from http://www.justinguitar.com/


And use alternate picking, which is just alternating between up and down strokes with your pick constantly.

But there's really no use of me saying any more, just use the site I linked above it's free and he's a great teacher who covers almost everything in all the main genres.

Read the lessons, watch the video, try it out, work it out.

Well yeah sounds a bit like advertising, hope you don't mind UG.. 'cause he's really not earning anything on it.
Also if you're practicing scales and other picking stuff, USE A METRONOME. Start at slower speeds (20-30) and work your way up ( after playing the scale for around 1-5 minutes [doesn't have to be 1-5 minutes.. you can decide it yourself] perfectly, speed up by 1-2 BPM). This helps alot, it develops your technique so you can play "perfectly" at fast speed like you do at slow speed. And few important things: stay relaxed and have fun. You do not have to do the same thing for hours straight, you can play songs and other stuff too.
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